The Transition Project

Plan for Russia’s Transition to Democracy, Peace and Prosperity

The Transition Project considers the issue of Russia’s imminent political transition post-Putin and the requirements for its successful reorientation toward democratic development. The welfare and outlook for the Russian nation, as well as the interests of the global democratic community would be greatly improved if, in the aftermath of this transition, Russia reorients toward becoming a constructive and peaceful actor governed by the rule of law, as opposed to remaining a rogue unhinged pariah. Free Russia Foundation has developed a path, a blueprint to help realize this aspiration.

The Transition Project has organized an in-depth intellectual effort by exiled civil society leaders to articulate a comprehensive plan for a political transition toward democracy post-Putin, define key areas of reforms and their objectives, consider what specific contributions could be made toward this transformation by stakeholders and interest groups inside Russia as well as internationally, and engage the broader Russian civil society in refinement of these concepts and recommendations.

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