Fedor Krasheninnikov

Russian opposition political analyst, commentator, and publicist

Nadezhdin and the Hope

The most crucial message of his campaign to both the country and the world: there are numerous individuals in Russia who oppose this war, who oppose Putin

The Normal Russia Of The Future: Yes, We Can

Here are the primary concepts, as Mr. Krasheninnikov and Mr. Milov see them, for crafting a future free Russia.

Emigration and the future of Russia

Wouldn’t it make more sense to support those willing to stand up to Putin, ensuring we never have to spend hundreds of billions mitigating a Russia-made war again?

Decolonization in Real Time: Why the World Must Support Russians Fleeing Mobilization

The mobilization announced by Putin a few days ago has become a watershed event for Russia

Propaganda Issues

It has become common to criticize Russia’s leadership for falling for their own propaganda and expecting that their planned invasion of Ukraine would receive support from the local population and demoralize Russia’s elites

Wartime Exodus and the Future of Russia

Among the many things that have happened, one cannot ignore the massive and rapid departure of tens of thousands of people from Russia

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