The Transition Project: Establishing the Rule of Law

In Russia, the government does whatever it wants. No restrictions, even the law is used to legitimize lawlessness and became a tool in the hands of the criminal authorities, directed against citizens.

Vladimir Putin’s love of laws drawn up according to his preferences should not be confused with true love of law: the president and his obedient lawmakers constantly ignore and violate fundamental legal principles.

How to ensure the rule of law in Russia?

We need to create conditions under which courts and judges can be truly independent. This independence is proclaimed even in the Stalin’s Constitution, it is also in the current Basic Law, but in conditions of totalitarianism it is impossible to implement it.

We also need to correct the shortcomings of the current Constitution of Russian Federation (both the initial ones — for example, the granting of excessive powers to the president, — and those that appeared later in the form of constitutional amendments).

We need to repeal dozens of legislative provisions adopted under Putin as completely incompatible with the goal of establishing the rule of law in Russia. And that’s not all.

How can we ensure the sustainable rule of law and limit arbitrary power? We continue to publish chapters of The Transition Project, a step-by-step expert guide to democratic transformations in Russia after the change of power.

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