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War Economy, War Society – How Strong Is Putin Really?

How far can Putin go in militarizing Russia? What are the weaknesses of his approach?

2022 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

Free Russia Foundation (FRF) is proud to have supported the production of the 2022 Civil Society Organization Sustainability (CSOS) Index for Russia released earlier this week.

Russia’s War in Ukraine: Filtration and Forced Relocation of Civilians Constitute Gross Violations of International Law

In a joint effort with The American Bar Association Center for Human Rights (ABA/CHR) and The Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), Free Russia Foundation (FRF) is proud to announce the release of this comprehensive report

How independent media emerge and change during the war in Ukraine

About 15 editorial offices moved abroad, some were forced to shut down, some changed their format. Two dozen of the new Russian-language media were launched as well: journalists sought to understand what was unraveling as a result of the war and cover it

Effectiveness of U.S. Sanctions Targeting Russian Companies and Individuals

This report evaluates the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions targeting Russian companies and individuals using the detailed trade data from 2021-2022 compiled by the Federal Customs Service of Russia

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